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A Thousand and One Nights in Barcelona to have drinks, to eat, to have sex, or just sightseeing.

Date: 19-2-2014

Mobile World Congress 2014

Mobile World Congress 2014MWC Barcelona 2014 Mobile World Congress, the GSMA Fair 2014 is the largest in the world in terms of technologies for mobile phone deals event, an event concerning the sector of mobile telephony worldwide and almost missed appointment to the top professionals and companies in the same. Barcelona Mobile World Congress receives these days. In Villalola we offer free chauffeur service to come to the club from anywhere in the city of Barcelona. We care for our customers. We will be waitng for...


Date: 2-9-2013

Bachelor Party with Dinner

Bachelor Party with DinnerWe are the only club in Barcelona where you can enjoy an unforgettable bachelor party with dinner by Tio Joe's Hamburgers, with striptease, his girls, his music and good vibes. All you want in the same place...


Date: 30-10-2012

Barcelona Erotic Show 2012

Barcelona Erotic Show 2012For the second year running, Villalola has once again become the Barcelona Erotic Show' bar. During 4 days we were servind drinks and food to all attendees to the event as well as stands' staff, porn actors and actresses, the media...and the like. We had a lot of fun!! There were many known and familiar faces who visited our bar taking photos with us and making performances and shows. Find here our photographic report of what these 4 days were: fun and madness. Take a look here


Date: 6-7-2012


SAME PRICE FOR YOU AND THE DRINKS OF GIRLSYou are waiting for it, Villalola has taken the step. You can enjoy the menu of drinks where you can see the prices of all cups. Your cups and cups of girls at the same price. Take a beer (3€) and then invited a girl to drink a Jack Daniels (15€), everything will add 18€. We want a quality BAR.


Date: 29-5-2012




Date: 15-3-2012

Happy birthday Villalola

Happy birthday VillalolaThank you all for making Villalola's 1st Anniversary come true. On 7th April, we will have fulfilled a year and we want to celebrate it in a very special way: organizing the first Barcelona's Lap Dance Contest. A very special event for all our faithful. That day you will be allowed to enter with reservation only and we have limited capacity. As you know Villalola is a little which is why local if not you want it lose, BOOK NOW!
The entry will be 30€ per person which includes Cup, tequila, an...


Date: 18-2-2012

Mobile World Congress

Mobile World CongressBarcelona receives the Mobile World Congress these days. It has been announced in the news that it is possible that a transit strike was carried out, but the Organization of the fair is negotiating with the city of Barcelona and preparing a plan b if at the end the strike occurs, so it should not worry about that the services will be insured. Anyway, Villalola also wants to help our visitors to the MWC; we offer a free chauffeur service to come to the club from any point of the city of...


Date: 3-2-2012

Superbowl 2012

Superbowl 2012Finally comes the television event par excellence of UEA. The year past more than 100 million people watched it on TV last year. This year can watch it here in Spain on CANAL + and of course in Villalola. We hope that it is an encounter full of excitement and fun. This year 2012 face the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. We believe that it will be a spectacular match, do not miss it. I hope in Villalola.


Date: 1-2-2012

The threesome of your dreams

The threesome of your dreamsA survey of Oxford University notes that 90% of men the fantasy of sexual intercourse with two women at the same time. Since Villalola we appeal to all those who want to belong to the result of the statistics of those who have already reached. Katya and Nicole are two friends who like to share everything, including men. A threesome with these two beauties you can't miss. I hope.
Katia &


Date: 31-1-2012

Thursday Mexican night in Barcelona

Thursday Mexican night in BarcelonaCome and enjoy the Mexican night at Villalola every Thursday from 22, 00 h.
When you arrive at the bar, you'll have a tequila free welcome. Taste our nachos and scream with us: Que Viva Mexico Cabrones!
Remember: Lap Dance 30€


Date: 24-1-2012

Prostitution on the street. Beware!

Prostitution on the street. Beware!We learned by the EFE agency which has begun the year with a huge raid against prostitution in the streets of Barcelona. In the operation have arrested 45 people among girls and clients. They have been fined 2,500€ and reported to their homes. We recommend you that if want be reassured and insurance come to a place like Villalola with license and enjoy it with complete confidence. A kiss. I hope.


Date: 8-12-2011

end of year party

end of year partyThe next 31st organized a big party in Villalola. Come and enjoy yourself in the best new year's Eve in Barcelona. Dinner with us, come the grapes and begins the year with you deserve, or come after the 00, 00 h and a party full of shows, dancing, drinking and girls.



Date: 2-12-2011

Hostesses and escorts in Barcelona.

Hostesses and escorts in Barcelona.For a service company, you may request in Barcelona hostesses who come to your hotel to enjoy a magical evening. Think of our escorts are girls who can offer much more than sex, such as dining out or sharing a play. So go ahead and if you only spend a few days in Barcelona, ​​call us and ask for our escort service. You can also come in for a drink at the club, choose the best flight attendant and take her out. They will always be well dressed for the occasion.


Date: 22-11-2011

Looking for a showgirls in Barcelona

Looking for a showgirls in BarcelonaMany people come to Barcelona in search of the famous showgirls that was located on Calle Bailen 22, but closed a few years ago. You must know that now there are no big clubs in the city due to the law in Catalonia over the premises where prostitution is practiced. Villalola is a mini showgirls where NOT offer a large dance floor but you can enjoy a selection of girls who can do striptease for you, have a drink with them, do private dances and of course, having sex with girls you like.


Date: 15-11-2011

Krav Maga: The cardio-fashioned

Krav Maga: The cardio-fashionedBrad Pitt, Matt Damon and Brendan Fraser, among others practice this self-defense system used by Israeli defense forces.
Although it began to be practiced in the 80's, it was not until 90 that expanded, and latelyhas established both in training and in self-defense.
Krav Maga is for learning not only to defend but also exercise all the muscles of the body.
You can combine your training but always do so before self-defense classes and not vice versa as it spends much energy, you release a lot...


Date: 13-11-2011

Men's Fashion Fall / Winter 2011/2012

Men's Fashion Fall / Winter 2011/2012The next season is almost here, so let's tell you all about men's fashion trends for designers 2011/2012.El Fall / Winter have much to offer for menswear. Autumn is very rich in terms of colors, styles, textures and fabrics. You will see some of the fashion trends continues and military, and many new ones to diversify his style.
Military trend continues, coats and military-style jackets and accessories have been around the track and the trend continues from last year. Designers and brands...


Date: 7-11-2011

Boat Show Barcelona 2011

Boat Show Barcelona 2011InNovember 2011, just from the 5th until the 13th, the 50th edition of the BarcelonaInternational Boat Show, will concentrate all supplyand developments ofnautical sports andrecreation.
The first room willoccupy five pavilions in the GranVia Exhibition Center andthe Port Vell Floating Display will exceed last year's 250 vessels
Alongwith thecommercial offer, which coversall types of productsand servicesrelated to sports and recreational boating,the show willhave its 50thanniversary with...


Date: 2-10-2011

VERY IMPORTANT: Where do you go?

VERY IMPORTANT: Where do you go?We want to expose an issue we have discussed many of our customers, it's about taxis of Barcelona; take a look the situation: You get into a taxi and told to taxidriver to go to Villalola, the taxi driver said to be better somewhere else for a thousand reasons, our clients advised by the driver think they are recommending it, but all they do is take customers to places where they charge 50 € entry because they carry a high fee, plus these sites to compensate for the high commission paid to...


Date: 25-10-2011

Barcelona Lap Dancing Club

Barcelona Lap Dancing ClubHey honey, Villalola girls you want to invite you to meet Lap Dancing. In american strip clubs prostitution is prohibited, but here in Barcelona we have suites and it's legal. You know that here in the club will have the pleasure of seeing a beautiful girl dancing just only for you from 30 €, so do not miss it and come to know the sensuality of the Barcelona Lap Dance.


Date: 24-10-2011


HalloweenOn Sunday Villalola celebrates Halloween with a sensual feast. On a night like this spend a lot of fear and abrázanos Villalola see very strong, we want to take care. We're going to dress up and want to give us your candy. Let's play Trick or Treat ... but very sexy. We wait.


Date: 18-9-2011

Guccibecomes itself a museum in Florence

Guccibecomes itself a museum in FlorenceGucci celebrates 90 yearswith the official opening gucci Museum, located in the PiazzaSignoria in Florence.
This sums up the philosophy of his forevernow designs.
This space has three floors with a total of 1,715square meters and is divided into different themed rooms inspired bythe symbols and motifs representative of the house.
The publicexhibitions are on the first floor while the basement houses thechamber in which the file is Gucci. A museum with all the glamor.


Date: 26-8-2011

Marc Safón head bartender of 41 º

Marc Safón head bartender of 41 ºIs forced to talk about a very important Villalola, selection on the menu of drinks. We wanted to take particular care to customer service and above all a wide selection of gins with which you will enjoy incredible Gin Tonics. Marc Safón has been responsible for the seminar offered to staff Villalola to have notions of small details that we know our customers appreciate. As chief mixologist of 41 º (Restaurant Chef Albert Adrià), we know how busy has always been so we appreciate your...


Date: 15-8-2011

European Tour presented by Pokerstars poker

European Tour presented by Pokerstars pokerBarcelona live one of the biggest events in that tournament poker is concerned, the European Poker Tour. Held in the Casino of Barcelona, ​​next to Hotel Arts. Some relevant details of the meeting are nearly a thousand participants from ls from sixty countries and hundreds of journalists. It will use more than two thousand cards and the winner will take a boat around one million euros. We hope you will remember us and come visit us at Villalola to celebrate. We wait.


Date: 1-8-2011

Barcelona Erotic Show

Barcelona Erotic Show2011 Barcelona Erotic Show Hi all, after several years trying to have a presence in Barcelona Erotic Show in the 2011 edition, at last we! Villalola will bar the festival. Do not miss it this year is busier than ever live shows and entertainment. Come and visit the festival and then pass over to Villalola and presenting your entrance hall will have a round of free shots served by the hottest girls. See you in Barcelona Erotic Show and then Villalola, of course. A kiss!


Date: 20-7-2011

Tinto de verano

Tinto de verano I know it is fashionable to drink gin and tonic and other sophisticated cocktails, but do not forget the famous and well-weighted RED SUMMER spirit that is always with us in those hot afternoons and is Made in Spain. There are many ways to prepare it according to taste for me is simple, then pc. can submit their magic recipes, mine works and is easy to prepare: Ingredients for 4 servings: 1 / 2 liter red wine 1/litro soda red vermouth lemon ice A good red summer has to bring a good...


Date: 16-6-2011

Body Sushi

Body SushiHi all, here you can see an example of a session of Body Sushi. A group of friends wanted to surprise one of them married by a bachelor party very special and they contacted us they loved the proposal ... you can see in the picture the started dinner. We can not show you the end of the party, it was incredible, not for heart disease. What happens at Villa Lola stays at Villa Lola. So now you know it, if you wnat to enjoy a very special event do not hesitate to taste a Body Sushi dinner in...


Date: 30-5-2011

How to make a good striptease

How to make a good striptease "Do not think this kind of games is only a matter of professional, anyone with a little practice you can perform a striptease fun and make a night of sex in an unforgettable night Before you start some tips: 1 .- You need good music, from "You can live your hat on" Nine and a half weeks to the soundtrack of Full Monty. Find music and prepare a short essay prior to the song that suits you best for your body, it must be neither too fast nor too slow and long enough to not end...


Date: 21-5-2011

Gin Tonic

Gin TonicSure, the Gin Tonic is a combination of the most popular and fashionable, but we like to take balls and get drunk, we enjoy a Gin Tonic perfect in good company.
The Birth of Gin Tonic was thanks to the German who created the Jacob Schweppes tonic. Today there are plenty of tonic Flavoured. But curiosity that made her so special was that to be avoided malaria with quinine and English soldiers who was in India began to take it with gin, very popular in London, to disguise the taste of home...


Date: 18-5-2011

Formula 1, Montmelo

Formula 1, MontmeloMontmelo opens its doors and we'll be there, waiting as always to provide the most pleasant moments after a hard day. Villalola not lost the big events. This time we put the helmet and we assemble in our villamóvil to accompany our favorite driver.


Date: 18-5-2011


ConstrumatToday begins the largest exhibition in Barcelona of the construction sector.
Construmat is the fair construction of reference in Europe. In it, construction professionals, interior architecture and exchange views on industry issues by focusing on innovation, sustainability and rehabilitation, the three pillars of this year.But since not all work, Villalola invites all participants and those who are there to relax and have a good time together with our Lolitas.


Date: 12-4-2011

Bachelor Party Planning

Bachelor Party PlanningClick here to take a look the prices of packages
The infamous bachelor party, it's the right of passage into the world of marriage. Here, in VILLALOLA, we are going to do our best to help you
throw the best bachelor party ever.
1st Step: Set the date of the big event.
Try not to schedule the party the night before the wedding as any proper bachelor party is going to last until the sun comes up the next day. Friday and Saturday nights are always the best options so the weekend...



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